Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Dharma and The Science

The Dharma and The Science

Most of us think that Science and Dharma (religion) are contradictory things. People, who think that science and religion cannot have a meeting point just as the two rims of a river cannot meet at a single point, are found here and there. Some people think that spiritualism and scientific ness are two different poles. Really, more and more people think that science and religion repulse each other. But, neither there is original contradiction in between Science and Dharma (religion) nor vast difference. The action wise difference between science and religion is that the science investigates truth remaining in the state of inquisitiveness based on physical world, where as the religion guides us to meet the truth through physical as well as spiritual realm. The target of both scientific investigation and religiosity is to uncover the truth. The aim of both Science and Dharma (religion) is social progress, advancement, development and happiness along with social welfare and peace.
To view Science and Dharma (religion) as contradictory things is the visionary defect. What the fact is that they are two sides of a coin and are complementary to each other. If imperfectness is to lead to perfect ness Science and Dharma (religion) are to be practiced equally. Human society is uncompleted without any of these two.
People give ambiguous, hotchpotch and amazing definitions if we ask them what the religion is now days. People are divided in different religion-like trademarks such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islamism, Jainism and Sikhism etc. Well, they all have elements of real religion but these are sectored trademarks of specific communities. Sectored trademarks may or may not represent the religion in totality but each of them represent school of thought. I think Hinduism is more extensive and generous than others and represent the real religion to a great extent. Since it has the continuity of Vedic philosophy and simultaneously has capacity to associate all the schools of thought it can be taken, as real religion not sectored religious trademark only. But, we cannot neglect the fact that some non-scientific blind faiths had also been imposed in our Hinduism and some of these things are present in these days also. The unscientific blind faiths must be removed. Although our Hinduism approaches scientific ness to a great extent than other religious disciplines even at its present state also.
I am fully convinced that the region of pure religion (Dharma) and the region of completed science are one. Science is systematized study and is realized philosophy. Since the Dharma (religion) is the best philosophy, the completed science unites it. In viewing our contemporary practical life the harmonization between Dharma and Science is more essential ever before in the days to come.
by- Nirmala Mani Adhikary "Aayod Dhaumya"

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