Wednesday, April 26, 2006


A Movement Toward East

A Movement Toward East

While stating 'Toward East', it is aimed at Satyayuga, the best system or state in Hindu Dharma shastras. Generally people use the words 'East' and 'West' to give hint of the geographical direction but whenever we say 'Not West Toward East' as a movement the geographic directional situation is of no more importance. When this movement was started, the terms 'East' and 'West' were not used in their general sense. Yeah, 'East' means sunrise, getting brightness and 'West' means sunset, falling in darkness. The universal natural process of sunrise and sunset can be taken as a symbolization of rise and fall of human life. Actually, in the 'Not West Toward East' movement, 'East' and 'West' are being used to distinguish between two different cultures, two different thoughts, two different civilizations and two different attributes. This is worth informing that this movement is to suggest a correct path for human society. It is a positive revolution in totality.
We know that the Vedic Hinduism tells us and shows the way to leave the state of truth less ness, darkness and demise and achieve the state of truthfulness, brightness and immortality (In Sanskrit language: asatomaa sadgamaya tamasomaa jyotirgamaya mrityormaa amritam gamaya). Now by stating 'Not West Toward East' movement we are following the same path. It guides us to the state of truthfulness, goodness and beauties (In Sanskrit language: satyam shivam sundaram). We give priority to Vedic thought and also we appreciate and accept all the good parts of every culture, every religion, every principle, every philosophy, and every thought and of every system. We want this world to be 'Ram-Rajya', an ideal state described in Hindu Dharma-shastras. We want this world to be Satyayuga, state of truth, as described in Hindu Dharma-shastras. I have told that this is a positive revolution in totality. It is path of self-dedication, self-restraint, self-advancement and finally renunciation of and welfare of whole human civilization.
In the 'Not West Toward East' movement, we accept harmonization in between Dharma (religion) and Science. In another words, we favor the one-ness of the Dharma and Science. Dharma gives us contemplation of pacifism, amity, compassion and love. The aim of both of these Science and Religion is social progress, advancement, development and happiness along with social welfare and peace.
We favor and accept the moral values established by Vedic Hinduism but at the same time we refuse unscientific blind faiths. Any thing disagreeing with trusted Vedic moral-values as well as Science is unacceptable in the 'Not West Toward East' movement. We examine everything in the touchstone of both Dharma and Science. In the result, there are two categories: anything good is 'East' and anything bad is 'West' and our path is toward east, not west.
My unwillingness toward all of Capitalism, Communism, Feudalism, Socialism etc is obvious. I don't believe that any of these political systems has capacity to give good governance to the people. People have to reject these thoughts as soon as possible. There are many alternatives in choosing a political system or thought. But the best one is the Satyayuga. I know that way toward Satyayuga is not comfortable, but it has delightful ending. It leads us to the eternal pleasure. Here you may lose many things, but get sacred philosophy of life. You live meaningfully and even die meaningfully. Thus you get victory in every condition in the movement toward Satyayuga.
I have clarified that 'Toward East' is aimed at Satyayuga. Before fulfillment of aim, human society has to do many things. Now human civilization is at the crossroads. If we choose right track, we will be forwarded toward brightness and if we headed wrong track then human society will be fallen in darkness or destroyed. We have to a decision whether we want brightness or darkness. Brightness, that is 'East' – sunrise and darkness, that is 'West' – sunset. Come to join us in the journey toward 'East'.

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